Our Story

It all started on a relatively hot day. It wasn’t typical English Summer ( thunderstorms, torrential rains, floods ). It was one of these Spanish summer’s days during which you could enjoy almost tropical sunshine.

One very thirsty and little bit lonely man ( single ) in London – in the city which used to be full of so called singles. Sitting in the garden… “Dry day”. Without lemonade. Imagine that.

FACTS: In 2006 -2007 our founding father ( who brought people together and set up company ) came up with one Big Idea: local drink for London, which could also become popular outside Britain. In 2010-2011 we secured domain name for brand name ( londonade.com ), designed logo and website and finaly – we registered our trademark. At the begining of 2012 together with members of the Public we could enjoy homemade samples (tests). Same year huge manufacturing company made samples of few kinds of our drink. it was a time of London Summer Olympics, so we decided to launch our first drink – Londonade Power.